The Emancipation of Dissonance

by Event Horizon

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released October 29, 2013

Guitars/Bass: Max Sindermann
Vocals: Brandon "Voidspawn" Leigh

Mixing/Mastering by Fabian Jiru


all rights reserved



Event Horizon Los Angeles, California

Event Horizon is a Los Angeles based, six-piece Progressive Death Metal band that draws their sound from classical and symphonic influences; conceptual and thematic lyrical plots; and harmonious vocal contrasts between eclectic/dynamic female clean vocals and deep male growls. ... more

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Track Name: In Sickness I Bathe
Cold runs down my feet
The silence lay discreet
Paralyzed in pain
An illness built with chains

Medicine can’t see
The hurt tormenting me
Death whispers to my grave
In sickness which I bathe

Dissect, Impair, Obstruct
Leave me bare and naked
Cold and rotten
Indisposed of life

Awake in sweat and tears
Blood thins from all my fears
Vulnerable I sit in wait
For answers to debate

The healer's lack of ears
Abandoned after years
Death whispers to my grave
In sickness which I bathe

Invisible wounds buried beneath flesh
Nerves, rotting tissue, dense transparent walls
Claustrophobic fears out in open space
Feed poisons to me to escape my…

A temporary moment of bliss shrouded in the
Warm bask of the gold angel's chemical radiance
Grasp on to the melting quivering before I lose
The rational state of this painless influence

The dopamine haze that gives promises of life
Permanent freedom from this discordant being
New inducted drugs from extraneous sources
Artificial calmness for only this last hour

Burning flesh and maggot growth
Tear the skin away from bone

Heathens and godless unworthy of aid
Corrosive form

Implosions exerting themselves from within
Deny my soul

Atrophied paralyzed arms
Thoughts melting to fear and hate

Whipping and slashing against my raw skin
The scars behold

A light that will free me from my human form
I tread too close

Cold runs down my feet
The silence lay discreet
Paralyzed in pain
An illness built with chains

Medicine can’t see
The hurt tormenting me
Death whispers to my grave
In sickness which I bathe

Darkness all I see
Placebos forced on me
Constrained with ideas
Obsessions stemmed from fears

My breath lost in air
My final conscious flare
Death whispers to my grave
In sickness which I bathe
Track Name: A Lapse of Sanity
A night of expecting
Eyes of distaste
A fear of burning inside

Shadows of loss in
Self-hate and abuse
The substance that never subsides

A lapse of sanity
Is all I entrust
A moment of feeling in place

The colors seem thin
The walls closing in
Cold insanity's embrace

Death seems the only escape from it's grasp
A creature of soulless intrigue
Branded with curses and visions of death
A victim of mental disease

Punished for sins, I bear on myself
In quest to self-gratify
A grave made of skin for the weakest of kin
Buried below hollow eyes

Peripheral vision
Fading too thin
Voices drawing too near

Thoughts disconnected
Gasping for breath
Cornered irrational fear

A lapse of sanity
Is soon to combust
Lucidity falling from grace

The torch in the dark
A dwindling spark
Cold humanity's disgrace

Pray to the god that I never believed
I will not die unaware
Consciousness lost in a wake of defeat
Grant your breath for my repair

Cry out for those who I never aggrieved
Free me from my despair
Abandon me due to my own conceit

Wait for ascension
Soul separation
Hope for the light in
Dreams that await me
Track Name: Eternity's End
Universal shifts in space
Quantum tears leave a trace
Linearity unconstrained
Bears no name

Existential crisis wrought
Awareness limitations sought
Divine rules of empty space

Fourth dimension calls me
Consciousness will be free
Synapses are re-wired
Dimensional shifts

Distortion circles round
Light cannot escape ground
Gravity draws away

Endless vacuum skies above
Infinite existence of
Stars and planets unbeknownst
It all ends

Paradox of endlessness
Ideas of which I obsess
Wires that hang from my limbs
No free will

Loneliness in this state
Bearing all of the weight
So little that I can

No powers answer these
Questions that cause disease
Eyes fixed on the ancient

How will I ever find the root
Of these constructs that bind me
In silent blackness and space
For I seek

Answers to the questions that haunt
Me in my dreams and the
Forceful cognitive dissonance
I will bear

The knowledge of this
Universal open plane
And all its secrets

I will give life
I sacrifice
All that I know

I have no purpose in this life
Will I ever see the end of eternity?
I only with to know of the
Dimensional planes that grant me my consciousness

I can begin to feel my mind break open
Thank you for granting your gifts unto me
I see beyond three dimensional space
The universe is open before me

Now say your goodbyes
And head towards the light
The questions you cry
You will soon deny

For the human mind
This was not designed
Your knowledge will die
Assumptions will lie

Don't try to escape
You sealed your own fate
Now say your goodbyes

I could not foresee such a bleak reality
This knowledge was not meant for me
Words and images bombard my senses
Can't find cohesion amongst it all

My eternity will be wandering
Through many foreign dimensional planes
I exist only as a conscious entity
My damnation will be until eternity's end

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